Shifter pod flexing/twisting upon changing gears?

Alfine Sgs700 internal hub, index shifter. Problem. Shifter pod twists while changing gears. Shightly rough changing gears, like something is rubbing/catching. slightly noticeable performing standard 1-shift Rapid "2x" shifting is a no-go. Pod visibly flexes. Shifter is solid. No movement on bars. Nothing appears out of place when removing plastic parts (housing, indicator) everything is clean no grease buildup. I tried using shifting nothing attached with no changes. Did everything but replace actual shifter and cassette joint (sp41 housing, ss cable, shimano sp41 cable grease, T9 on shifter internals, shimano special grease "neon yellow" on cassette joint) (hub assembly is correct, shifters properly adusted, hub serviced regularly monthly oil change)


Sounds as if there is a problem with the internals of the shifter from the limited information provided. If disconnecting the shifter from the shift mechanism at the hub doesn't result in easier shift action, the problem is either the shifter or the cable