What size bike would fit me best , I'm 5' 10"?


David D.

No one can answer that. 1) You never said what type of bike. 2) As pointed out, bicycle sizing is not universal from company to company. I can make a rough estimate, but that's all. Roughly, anywhere from an 18" to 20" frame size hybrid. With a road bike, around 54 cm to 56 cm depending on who makes it. In a compact frame design it'll be much smaller. Around a 50 cm seat post tube with an effective top tube length around 54 cm. Mountain bike frame sizing gets more confusing because of the 3 different tires sizes: 26", 27.5" and 29'ers.


You left out one or more VERY IMPORTANT details. What type or style of bike & from which company? Mountain bikes & most hybrid bikes are measured by inches. 15" frame - 17" frame - 19" frame, etc. And that will change from one company to the next. From both Raleigh & Giant I would take a 19" (medium) frame size hybrid at 5' 8" tall. From Fuji, it would be a 17" frame. NO TWO COMPANIES MEASURE BIKES THE SAME WAY! Road bikes are measured in centimeters. And they're not all the same either. Traditional 'race frame' geometry or a compact 'endurance frame' geometry? Know what's more important than the seat tube length? TOP TUBE LENGTH! Read this from the late Sheldon Brown... Top Tube Length: More Important Than Seat Tube Length! https://www.sheldonbrown.com/frame-sizing.html You want the right size bike? You go TEST RIDE A FEW FIRST - at a REAL bicycle shop. It's FREE. Now...make up your mind if you want a road bike, a mountain bike, a hybrid (commuter) bike, a cyclocross or gravel bike...WHAT? I am not specifically recommending the Giant brand name. But they did put together a nice video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLO_Kk56J3g


Here's a very good bicycle frame proportions calculator. It can give you a general idea of what frame proportions you need for your body build. https://www.competitivecyclist.com/Store/catalog/fitCalculatorBike.jsp


I am that height. My bikes are different sizes. My touring bike is a 57 cm. My steel road bike is a 54 cm. One carbon bike is also a 54 cm, but another of the same brand is a size large, or 56 cm. My time trial bike is a size small, and my mountain bike is a size medium. All these bikes are a perfect fit. Get the idea? There is no standardized sizing for bicycles. If you don't know how to read and understand a frame geometry chart, or how to measure a frame yourself, you are best off getting help from someone who does understand how to fit a bike


56 cm.