What's the point of wearing spandex when cycling? Is the only advantage less wind resistance?

A plain sweat wicking t shirt will do the same thing, won't it? Yes, padding is definitely needed on longer rides, but they make ones that go under baggy shorts too.


Assuming this isn't a TROLL question... Cycling specific attire is also MORE COMFORTABLE. A cycling jersey will "wick away" sweat keeping the rider COOLER on those hot summer days. Padded cycling shorts have the padding ONLY where it's needed most...under the "sit bones". Every sport has clothing specifically designed for the participants. That's why you'll often find amateur tennis players sporting similar clothing to their favorite pro players.


Tight pants can’t form creases between body and saddle, which is a Good Thing. Fitted Jerseys can funnily enough keep you both warmer and cooler than flappy garments. Warmer, no draft through sleeves or collars. Cooler, good body contact means sweat is wicked up, distributed and evaporated faster.


its comfort and flexable without too much drag from wind to baggy clothes


Comfort and utility. Cycling specific clothing is cut so that you will be comfortable wearing it while riding a bike. Wicking T-shirts do indeed help keep you cool, but a cycling jersey is cut longer in the back, with sleeves that allow you to reach the handlebars easily and with rear pockets where you can stash the things you need to carry. Cycling shorts and bib shorts are not only padded, but they are designed to be comfortable for the position a rider assumes on the bike and allow unrestricted leg movement. The close fit of the clothing allows better moisture transfer to the outside of the garment. If you sweat inside a loose fitting t-shirt, the moisture does not necessarily wick out to the outside, and even when it does the cooling effect isn't transferred to the wearer. The aerodynamic benefit of skin tight clothing is just icing on the cake. I have several high end skin tight jerseys that wick so well that even on a super hot day provide so much cooling that I have to keep them zipped all the way up in front


Wearing spandex makes you more flexible as well


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