Why aren’t there any professional cyclists that are 5 11 220?


Dennis F

There are. Someone that size would likely be a "track sprinter", or other track specialist. Marty Nothstein when he was winning Olympic and World Championship medals on the track was 6'2" and 235. When he went back to road cycling, he dropped to under 200.


Or black ones.


Professional road cyclists have to be able to climb hills, even the sprinters. Track cyclists tend to be bulkier, but at the professional level, there simply isn't very much money to be earned in the velodrome. The velodrome riders who convert to the road have to lose tons of weight to be able to compete. They very quickly shed weight, partly because they no longer need to have upper bodies as muscular as is required on the track. A sprint at the end of a 200+ km road race is very different than a sprint in a velodrome in a race that lasts only a few minutes. A heavily muscled track sprinter would not last until the end of many road races