How would we handle an attack on the power grid after five weeks of a Trump Shutdown?

Is the Trump Shutdown a direct order from Vladimir Putin? We know damn well Trump doesn't really care about the wall...


when Obama was president our power grid was hacked.


The democrats are running the shut down, they had two chances to end it today, they did not, because they refuse to give Trump a win on the wall, and they refuse to negotiate

Freedom Farmer

Become Amish or die.


I’m pretty self sufficient so I’d be ok. How bout you? You’re probably someone that needs the government to take care of you.


We have outages every time we get a hurricane. Aren’t you prepared for disasters or outages?? Oh yeah, you’re one of those who would be crying for the feds to come “save” you because you’re not responsible enough to figure it out on your own. Liberals create government dependence.


We can't handle an attack like that right now. Trump and McConnell are destroying this country


Probably like here. Were you have 3 trunk lines. If one goes down. Power comes threw the other 2 & those power plants on them produce more power to use. Towns on the main line to them would have rolling black outs as there industry starts. Start up takes a lot of power. So your coffee pot would not be making coffee & you would need get out the old perk one. To use gas. There is more than one power line. With power.


Dang, good question, I think I’ll be one of those that end up as hunter gatherers eating whatever comes my way. Hopefully I don’t turn wild.


If Dems gave aShit, they'd have no problem putting up a TEST section just to get everyone back to work. They'd be the massive glorious, beloved heroes and not one person on the planet could say they blinked. Just let us know if our BORDER PATROL'S recommendations WILL work ... by building a hundred miles or so of their idea. That's right. This is NOT Trump's design. He GAVE THAT UP. This is ONLY what our Border Patrol wants. Pelosi could shine like a new dime AND trounce Trump by simply ignoring Trump & favoring the CBP. The fact that she refuses even that much shows, Trump's spell has her by the her wrinkly testicles. .


I really feel sorry for you guys getting stuck with Trump.


putin was killed in 2007 by kgb/fsb. they gave him sarcoma. now actors are playing putin (they wear latex masks). grid down scenario will happen after a big earthquake or after tsunami or after ww3 or after an emp attack or whatever. gov't will try to introduce mark of the beast when people sign up for food (like they did in venezuela scanning fingers and possibly secretly marking people); forgive me.


Maybe Trump is letting Vlad have an opening. Trump has practice at that.