I can keep 4 players for my keeper league. Stats: R, RBI, AVG, OPS, K, SB and Total Bases. Who should I keep out of these?

Mookie Betts (definite) Giancarlo Stanton Trea Turner Gleyber Torres Vlad Guerrero JR (hasn't played yet, but intriguing) Cody Bellinger (LA got rid of some OFs) WHo should I pick? Remember 4. thanks


All very good players.. So,I'd drop the lowest ranked players,& possibly try to redraft them. Having a K,& not a HR category hurts Cody's & Stanton's value,but you almost gotta keep Stanton. Vlad will jump in drafts akin to how Trea Turner did his rookie season (top 10 overall),so keep Vlad. I'd keep Betts,Turner,Vlad,& Stanton,,but Torres is right behind Stanton. Cody plays in an unfriendly hitters ballpark;If he played for the Yankees there'd be a small chance I might keep him. (Stanton strikes out SOOO much,I'd definitely consider keeping Torres over him.) ((Remember that Vlad could very well be the next Mookie Betts.))