My boydog, he likes sexw/males. He had 2 babies, w/2 dogs, he hated it & after those 2 he wld runaway from females in heat.Can a dog be gay?



Dogs can't have babies. Start with that.


I won't contribute to the idea animals can be 'gay' and half the time I'm not absolutely certain humans are either - they just want the best of both worlds, or are experimenting with their sexuality when young. Dogs do this for one reason, DOMINANCE (unless they happen to be around a b itch in season who they can't get to). If your dog ran away from a b itch in season, he probably either knew her and had been put in his place when he tried mounting her before she was in standing heat, or she wasn't in standing heat!!


Yes. Thousands of different species of animals besides humans have been observed to have homosexual members. That includes dogs. Many years ago I knew two or three different people who had male dogs who were very clearly homosexual and enjoyed mounting or being mounted by other male dogs. (I don't know anyone who has homosexual female dogs).


It is actually not uncommon for domesticated dogs and cats to have recreational homosexual activity! Wikipedia has a list of all species that have been observed to engage in homosexual activity, and there are loads of scientific studies you can read about the subject.


You should read up on observational learning! Dogs respond and learn from humans, so it’s a good chance, it’s a monkey see monkey do thing!


he's probably just trying to be like his master .. 'dookiedog' lol ..


Yes actually many animals have homosexual tendencies. even the VP of America has been known to enjoy the act of homosexual sex.