Why is an inside the park home run considered a triple?

I was playing MLB the show 16 on PS3, and hit an inside the park home run. It was counted as a triple.


That has to be a glitch in the game, because an inside the park home run is a home run. It's possible the game scored the play as a triple and an error that allowed the run to score.

Pascal the Gambler

Perhaps there was an error on the play.


Was it really an inside-the-park home run, or was it a triple and an error (something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oohqYPQRSAs )?


In real baseball, it’s a home run.

Coffee Drinker

If the hit would normally result in a triple, and the batter-runner advanced an extra base to score because of an error, then the proper ruling in real life or a baseball video game is a triple with one base advanced on error. Also, if the runner is thrown out at home plate, then they get credit for a triple.


It isn't. It's called a homerun.