How does Brady manage to pull a rabbit out of the hat in the last half of the last quarter in every important game? Are the games rigged?



He gathers his defense together and says "hey guys, all you gotta do is hold the second highest-scoring team in the NFL to 3 points tonight. You do that and I'll take care of the rest." Works every time.

Joe Mac

When their opponent can only manage a field goal the entire game it doesn't take any magic to win.


Brady’s just that good. Single handedly won another Super Bowl, yet again.


He's been making amazing comebacks since his college days when Michigan openly disrespected him in his Senior year by forcing him to win his job back for no good reason whatsoever. They would put in their loser Freshman QB at the start that would of course suck *** only to turn to Brady to pull out the comeback. It's basically what he became known for all because Michigan's coach had no business having the job. The biggest reason Brady got drafted in the sixth round and not say the third was because of Michigan's coach openly disrespecting the talent of Brady.


isn't ever game in america rigged

35th is Best

Of course they are. Corruption is rife in the USA


He plays possum That’s his game plan which makes him in predictable


No. skill takes over.


Yes they are. You are thinking and have awaken to the fact that the football play of Brady and other quarterbacks is not normal. On "any given day, a bad team might upset a good team". This is impossible. The better team ALWAYS wins. When your on a school football team, haven't you noticed the best school will always win consistently? There's no such thing as upsets, the better team will always win. And what really frustrates me the most is how people say "Bill Belichick is the genius and mastermind of football". This doesn't make any sense, because there's nothing to football. It's a simple game. You need to know basic math when it comes to the clock and certain situations, but that's it. Nothing else. When coaches and players make boneheaded decisions and plays this should raise questions. Some people may think to themselves "Gee, I could even make a better decision/play than that and who am I?" Exactly. These people make millions a year and they make fools of themselves on stage? Not to mention the referees are TOP NOTCH, yet they miss MAJOR calls the entire audience at the game just made for them. It's pretty funny how they just throw it at you, right in plain sight. They know most people are too stupid to question things, so they love mocking the masses. I already know for a definite fact how and why they're rigged, and I've known who was going to the Super Bowl before the season even started. All games, even preseason games in the National Football League are rigged. Contrary to popular belief, all players, the commissioner, coaches, and owners are involved in this ritual, not just referees. Games are planned years in advance. An ancient number language is what is used, I won't go any further. I'll see if you are smart enough to figure it out on your own.