How much do you think Belichick payed the refs in the super bowl?

CJ anderson got clotheslined and the Rams got flagged

Joe Mac

1. First of all the Rams were penalized before the snap 2. The clothesline was legal since it was at the shoulders not the neck. 3. The correct spelling is PAID not PAYED


Almost more than the rams paid off the refs in the nfc championship game

Blue Sky 🐾

I only saw one really bad call and that was the personal foul called on the Rams defense in the first quarter. It didn't amount to anything, but that was a horrible call.


There wasn't a foul on that play.Just another person trying to find and excuse... I thought it was a fairly clean game overall and the refs let them play. I thought what few fouls I might have seen that went uncalled pretty much evened out. I thought the refs were fine.


The Play never happened which means the clothesline never happened. If I agreed that was what it was, looked to me like he reached out and managed to take him down with one arm extended. Good way to ruin a decent arm.