Is pandering to people who think every possession should result in a touchdown going to ruin football?

I thought the Super Bowl was just fine. A hard hitting game with a lot of great defensive plays.

Joe Mac

It wasn't a hard hitting game with great defensive plays, in the NFL hard hitting has become illegal and hitting a receiver before he gets a chance to run is a 15 yard penalty. People who think the game last night was a great defensive battle don't know football, it was a case of neither offense playing well and both quarterbacks being ineffective which is why the score was so low. I didn't have a problem with the lack of scoring but the truth is Edelman was the only player on the Patriots who had a good enough game to deserve MVP but not one player on the Rams played well enough to deserve it had they won.


Agreed. In the modern NFL it was rather nice to see two teams actually playing good defense. However, I think we are in minority. Too many NFL fans now want every game to be a 50 to 49 game.


I think an ideal score is 28-24, tds should not be automatic, but both the super bowl was BORING


Eh, it was hardly a hard hitting game with a lot of great defensive plays. The defenses played well but the offenses were just bad. There was no signature moment of this Super Bowl.