Most of Tom Brady's completions are tight coverage. He does so well setting receivers up to get yds after the catch. What you think?



Brady is the GOAT.

M. Diego

Julian Edelman was at least 2 yards away from the closest defender on each of his 10 receptions. He didn’t catch a pass on tight coverage. The offensive highlight of the game was Gronkowski setting up the TD, and I give him the credit for making a spectacular diving catch vs three defenders. The play was very similar to Mario Manningham’s in 2011.

Joe Mac

He does do that very well but he didn't last night, he actually was off on a number of throws and played his worst Super Bowl by far. Edelman was able to keep getting open so the throws to him didn't need to be in a tight window.


The throw to Gronkowski was a great throw into double coverage - the play of the game. The Rams couldn't cover Edelman. I've always thought Edelman might be the best overall player I have ever watched (non QB). He does't have the numbers Welker had but I think he's better at the receiver least in crunch time, he blocks well, he can run, throw passes, has played corner, great returner, he's the swiss army knife of football players.