Most TVs sold in the last several years are 4k TVs. How come the NFL doesn't stream football, especially the Superbowl, in 4K?

Think of how much money they could make if they offered 4K streaming of games for $10 each, and $25 for the Superbowl.


Nobody broadcasts in 4K, according to my satellite provider. It will happen eventually.


The NFL makes its money selling the exclusive rights to a Network. The Network makes its money selling advertising. It would be a net Loss all around if the NFL had the resources to do their own cable/internet "casting".


They can't, for contractual reasons. The NFL broadcasting contrats were renegotiated in 2014, and run through 2022. They very specifically outline who can show what when. If the NFL circumvented that by streaming a higher quality feed they'd be in breach of contract with their client networks and it would be disastrous.The huge amount of revenue they'd lose from broadcasts AND from now angry fans (not everyone has, wants or is capable of streaming 4k) would be irreparable damage, and it'd be competing with the NHL for viewership numbers/contracts afterwards. So unfortunately gotta wait for the networks to catch up.

Reynaldo Weeks

NFL doesn't televise games. Networks do and their local affiliates do the camera work. The switch from full HD is very expensive at this point and few local affiliates will spring for the cost to televise eight games per year. Same thing for the broadcast providers. I'd say most NFL viewers would be satisfied with full HD and have no interest to pay anything extra to watch an NFL game in 4K , anyway.