Now that the Patriots are 2019 Super Bowl Champs, should they go to the White House to visit Trump or no?



THe majority of the team probably will not go.

Weasel McWeasel

Tom Brady is a well known Trump supporter. I am sure he will gladly go. The rest of the team.........not so sure.............but if Tom goes......they'll probably go.

Joe Mac

If they went to the WH when Bush was president and they went when Obama was president then they should go now that Trump is president. It's not like the other two presidents were any better.

Mike L

Trump will probably uninvite them before they get the chance. Hope he doesn't serve Brady burgers if they do go.

35th is Best

They should attack him


Of course, Trump is also a patriot!


should they? no. Will they? not all of them will. Like they did two years ago.