Why has the NFL become a political wing of the left?

A perfect example of leftist tyranny and shitty leadership.


Probably because the right has decided not to listen to them and ignore what they've said. In such cases, the tendency is to keep sliding from the right, to the left, until eventually, like now, you finally have to listen to what they say. My God! It's YOUR fault!

Weasel McWeasel

did the kneeling players upset you again, sweetie. ? awwwwww........go sit in your safe space until all the mean ol black people are gone.


Fatuous, vapid, lackwit twit.

Mike L

Don't both bringing the politics into the game when there were none. The only thing I saw was two teams that didn't want to have to visit our president so neither played well.

Digital Princess

Which is funny cause 3/4 of the NFL owners are Registered Republicans. Even Jerry Jones is a known Trump Supporter and Donator.