How should I convince my parents (mostly mom) to let me play football again?

Guys I need help. I want to play football again but last year I got injured and now one of my eyes is messsd up and I can’t see well out of that eye. So my mom made me quit football and I was fine for a year and played baseball but sometimes I still want to give football one last try and I really think I can get something out of it since I learned my lesson. But how should I try to convince my mom to let me play football again?


It depends what you MEAN, by "FOOTBALL"! Do you mean PROPER football, - or, the American TRAVESTY, - which is, actually. NOT "football", - it's RUGBY LEAGUE with HELMETS and SHOULDER PADS! Ergo, RUGBY LEAGUE, for FAIRIES!!


If one of your eyes is messed up and you can't see well, no sports for you. Especially not contact sports.