Are man city first yet?



No, but rumor has it King Cristiano’s “Girlfriend” is just an attempt to make me jealous. Don’t you see his post about me? He wants me around at all times.


Are they any better than when Guardiola first arrived? Last season was great what they did for themselves in the league but overall not really. One league title (probably) in 3 years he should be run out of the club. Has he really developed any players? Not really. Didnt let Foden play a game where he'd qualify for an EPL medal. They're losing young players to other teams too and buying almost at random, sending players to sister clubs and just hoping they'll be stars and if not they can at least profit from these players

Dimitrious - aka KC

No, but rumour has it Pulister is on the verge of another mental breakdown. All the City fans have vanished again, silenced.





Forty Licks

No still behind Liverpool Nabinho. Tough match tonight v Leicester ?


No, but Liverpool still have less premier league titles than blackburn rovers and leicester city, lmao

Josh B

No but we were 8 points behind United in April once upon a time, and STILL won the league.


No not yet.