Gareth Bale at Spurs or Luis Suarez at Liverpool, why was better and why?


Dimitrious - aka KC

I would say Bale overall, Suarez had a rocky start at Liverpool, whilst he was putting in amazing performances week in and week out he wasn't getting top scorer charts until 2012-13. He was also a bit of a liability with his suspensions too, and they had to have stretches without him when the whole team was built around him. Bale was a consistent match-winner for a few years, in the 13-14 season when Suarez peaked, he was better than Bale by a billion miles, but for overall consistency it would have to be Bale. Suarez did win a trophy at Liverpool though, whilst Bale won nothing with Spurs.


Suarez has a lower centre of gravity and is far more skillful than Bale, his dribbling and finishing has been way better forever.

Hombre Sin Nombre AKA Oggmeista

i'm with DD on this one tough one


Luis Suarez is a god who bites in more ways than one.

Josh B

Suarez @ Lpool, he nearly won them the league on his own basically, Bale was good but he couldn't even carry Spurs into the Champions League at his peak.


Suarez, Liverpool have always been bigger and better than Spurs.

Danish Dynamite

Tough one. Bale's first season at Spurs wasn't amazing, but then again he was only a young teenager, a puppy. lol. After that he became an absolute world class star at Spurs. He was putting in some amazing performances week in and week out. Luis Suarez was equally amazing at Liverpool, he was scoring goals for fun. I remember one of his best games against Norwich, he was a beast. They are too difficult to separate as they were both at their peek when they were in the EPL. They were of a similar elite standard.