Is it time to bring Moyes back to Everton?

He had Everton competing for the top 4 every season on a shoestring budget, he has a serious eye for talent and always had his teams organised, now Everton have a wealthy owner and Koeman has failed spending big and now Silva has done the same and big Sam was only brought in to steady the ship and not given as chance, and the team can't defend set pieces or worse still score from one Time to bring the Moyssiah home He's not even contracted to anyone so now is the perfect time Burn Marcos contract before he does even more damage


Moyes sucks and he did nothing at Everton, got them 4th once and then lost in the qualifier, lmao, not to mention his colossal failure at United, Sociedad and Sunderland




They need a modern manager with fresh ideas.Moyes is not the answer.


Nah, they were going nowhere under him. He would simply steady the ship and he's outdated as a manager. What they need to do is spend their money better, the money spent on poor players like Pickford and Keane is ridiculous.