Is it true Spurs had 60k empty seats against Watford?


Lucifer Morningstar

Obviously the English are fair weather fans compared to Americans or Germans. Of course relying on train, bus or tram public transportation will also limit fans for night matches and who need to work the next day.


Midweek game with stars out of the game, opposed are Watford, it's freezing I can see why they didn't bother

Forty Licks

29,000 plus isn't that bad considering the weather and it was shown on Sky

SONaldo 🇮🇳

It’s absolutely freezing in the UK at the minute, a midweek night time fixture at against a bus parking side in minus zero was always gonna be a bad seller.


Would you pay to watch a sh*t side like Watford? I wouldn't.


We'll show em how to fill Wembley in the League cup final, LoL

Danish Dynamite

It was freezing and Watford aren't exactly the team everyone jumps up to watch. It's not too surprising why some people didn't go.


Yes. It was a midweek game late at night in freezing weather against a team who've beat us once in 20 years. Not exactly the most appealing lol.



Perfectly Flawed 2.0

Honestly that's fu cking awful. You couldn't imagine United, Arsenal or Liverpool having such problems.