Is the Premier League becoming less competitive?

There is an established 'big six' clubs and after watching some of them play recently, their weaker opposition hardly play for the win; they are happy to sit back and take 1 shot all game. For the smaller clubs it seems more about getting a draw than playing for the win - and that doesn't seem like a great mindset. With the money teams like City have, I can't see another season like Leicester's PL winning campaign, although that was still quite recent. The big six have improved drastically, and the mid-table clubs can't keep up. Thoughts?

Danish Dynamite

No, if anything, I think that it has become more competitive. You do have the standout top 6, but even the mid-table clubs in the EPL are of a very strong standard. Everton, Wolves, Leicester City, West Ham, Watford, Bournemouth and Crystal Palace, Southampton and even Brighton all play at a very respectable level. I think that the EPL is at a very healthy level right now and as exciting as it has ever been.


No, the Premier League is the most competitive and exciting of all the top leagues. Spain has Barcelona and Real Madrid, the rest of the league is the level of teams like Leicester and Everton Germany has Bayern Munich and the rest is Championship level. France has PSG and the rest is League one level. Italy has Juventus and the rest suck. Yet people wanna hate on the league that has, City, Liverpool, United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs.



Dimitrious - aka KC

It depends how you look at it, in the 90's it used to be United and Arsenal as the 'big two' then it changed into the 'big four' and now it's a 'big six' so more and more clubs seem to be getting competitive over the long-term but of course there is a big gap right now. I've been expecting West Ham to get more competitive for a few years, they have a big stadium now with lots of revenue, some good players, a good manager, they have money, large fanbase, but for some reason it never seems to work out for them.


Didn't palace beat Man city the other week.


Leicester was an anomaly. It really depends how you wanna define it - it's more competitive in the top 6 meaning title races are less predictable, however under that there's a big gap. However, there are some good teams who play good football under the top 6, Leicester, Bournemouth and Wolves are all enjoyable to watch, Watford started well but are inconsistent, and Everton really should do better but they're still one of the top 10 teams in the league I would argue.


No, it's becoming more competitive, no team has won back to back titles in over a decade, before that teams like united and chelsea were winning back to back titles all the time, compare that to other european leagues where most of them have one or two dominant teams