Liverpool FC to win the premier league?


Danish Dynamite

Liverpool are probably my favorites to win the league title this season at this current time. Not only do they have a points advantage over Man City, but they also only have the EPL and the CL to concentrate on. Man City on the other hand are looking to win 4 competitions, the CL, the EPL, the FA Cup and the League Cup. That's a lot more big games that they will be playing, so they have a much more congested and tiresome fixture list.


No, man city

Forty Licks

Like every other team who are in contention, Europe and domestic cups are on the agenda so anything can happen to the top 7 clubs. The odds are on for Liverpool

Bernard Evertonian

No way




I hope so but Arsenal still has a chance

Tinder King

Yes, City is loosing to teams like Newcastle and Palace


Yes, by 5 points.




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