Why is Akinfenwa so big?

Bulking up to that size has no benefit when it comes to football (except maybe American football)




He relies on physical strength; can be very effective in lower leagues.

Danish Dynamite

It's silly that he has decided to bulk up that big. But he has gained some fame because of it, because lets face it, he's not that much of a good footballer. He's decent for the league that he is in, but I think he could probably become a better player if he shed some of his bulk.


He's easily the most popular lower league footballer because of this. He stands out from the crowd and has a great reputation as the 'strongest man in football.' It might not be the most beneficial to his playing but he's actually quite a prolific goalscorer.


u mean handegg..


I've seen him play twice live this season. He should be booked in every match for holding up play. Referees would not tolerate that cheating from a white player. He holds the ball by obstructing players and is allowed to get away with that too.