Would the MLS benefit from a promotion/relegation system?



Yes I also don't see why Americans wouldnt be into it. I guess from their perspective what they do is every team sets out to win the championship if you bring in relegation that gives teams a second goal in trying to avoid it and stay in the top league


America likes the draft system and it will stay like that. It works fantastically for Basketball and American Football but the issue with football is young players best destination to play is not the collegiate level. Otherwise the draft system is actually really well structured, it makes the leagues very competitive.


It doesn't really make much sense to not have a promotion/relegation system. Where is the incentive? However, that's the way American sports are structured.

Lucifer Morningstar

Yes!!! Very much so!


MLS should just shut down, it's a joke

Dimitrious - aka KC

USA is to big to have one league, I think the MLS should be made up of several regional leagues and the winners of each one advance to a knockout style tournament to be crowned champions. Americans like play-off style things.




Yes. It's not only exciting to watch the top of the league, but also watching teams at the bottom fighting for survival. Same teams in the same league every season, is a bit boring, there's no incentive.


Yes, I didn't know it hadn't one, how silly