Can I become a professional golfer at 35?

I’m a scratch golfer and consistently shoot in the low 70’s. What does it take to become a pro golfer? I’m broke and trying to make some money...I’m only good at smoking pot and playing golf.


If you turn pro, they do random dope tests, so the pot smoking will have to go.


No, you would need to shoot at least 4 or 5 strokes per round better or lower to even have a chance.

Leafsfan29-Embrace the drought!

No. Not remotely close. Touring pros handicaps are in the plus range (+7 to +10). But let's go further. Every non-WGC, non-Invitational tour event has 4 spots open for a Monday qualifier event. At this week's event (the RSM Classic in Sea Island), a 64 in the Monday qualifier only got you into a playoff for 2 spots. 65 or worse...nothing. But you want to go through Q-School. Two different players each shot -35 over 8 rounds during the first two stages of Q-School with their WORST round a 72. Neither made it to the 3rd (final) stage. So they're pumping out -17 or -18 over 4 rounds and weren't low enough to make it out of second stage (typically you'd need to finish top 20 give or take). Stick to weed.


hmmm.... 35 is a kinda too late to start a career don you think? most people already are married and have kids at that age and you need to get an income that is more "stable". But you should give it a try playing an amateur tournament. An advice from a pro golfer when I was younger in my 30s, if you want to be a pro, you must win at least 5 times in an amateur tournament (USGA tournament). otherwise, forget for being a pro. you must be "winning" in order to make money as a pro golfer.

John F

Scratch isn't good enough. You have to get to about +4 or +5. Even then, the important thing is how you perform in competition. It's one thing to shoot a 70 on a Saturday morning. It's another to make a 3 foot putt when you have $1,000,000 on the line. Once you get that far, you can try out for Q school. It's a grueling set of tournaments. If you survive, you will gain membership on the tour. If you play well enough there, you can earn a promotion to the PGA Tour. By the time you get through all this, you'll probably be old enough for the Champions Tour.


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