How did Michael Jordan and tiger woods barely get sleep, party, have all the fun in the world and still have time to be the best?



Partying isn't the same for them. For normal guys you wait in line at the club, wait for a drink,, talk to a few girls, and basically wait around for them to get bored/tired enough to sleep with you. You have to put in hours of work just to bang one girl! But for star athletes they just show up and send over some bottle service and flash your ring or whatever and the panties start dropping. They can literally pick up a girl (or girls), take them home, bang them, and send them on their way and still have time for 6-8 hours of sleep before practice the next day.


I have not heard that Tiger got very little sleep, I have heard this about Jordan, as for how they did it, some people just don't need very much sleep, and others do, for example, Albert Einstein slept 10 hours per night.


will f you r lucky enough to have a good job and it's the same time is your best hobbit. the result is you will b the best and enjoy life.

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