In your lifetime, other than Donald Trump, has the United States of America had an honest president???



Trump is the most dishonest president we have ever had. Obama was probably the most honest in my lifetime.

M'aiq The liar

Nah. It's the nature of the job. You can't be honest, there are some things that must be kept a secret or some things that you have to lie about if you're a politician. I believe I've had presidents who have been mostly honest. But I've never had a president who lies about things for seemingly no reason, like Trump does on a regular basis. Like remember that thing he said about tax cuts for the middle class a few weeks ago? He said that congress was discussing it even though congress literally wasn't in session. I'm not sure if he lied here or if he's just stupid, but it seemed like he lied. And it was seemingly for no reason.


If donald trump is honest, then they all were, since your sefinition of honesty apparently includes making over 7000 deceptive or false claims as president

Max Hoopla

Donald Trump makes Warren Harding look like a choir boy.

Dances with Weed

Obama was the most honest? Hahahahaha... Hahahahahahahahaha! Oh that's a good one