Trump has flown around the world playing golf for 40 years and always paid for it himself. Why can't dems stop complaining and just...?

demand that, from now on, presidents pay for ALL their own non-official travel? . ' Not just ALL presidents but ALL POLITICIANS, period! Why should People caring for their kids & elderly parents, saving for kids college, paying off student loans and building retirement nest eggs have to pay for either Michelle's vacations or Trump's golf trips? .

Mike L

Because we still have to pay for the Secret Service protection of him. If he waves that, then have at it, play golf.

John A. Deering

Everyone who praises Trump criticized Obama for playing too much golf


You mean in the same manner republicans whined about Obama for eight years?


Trump is using his own hotels and courses and the taxpayers are footing the bill. If that isn't corruption than nothing is.

Tad Dubious

Tradition, Marlin. If a President goes play golf in, for example, China, he represents the USofA. Now I could see putting a limit on the taxpayer-paid travel of this family, but he has them all on the public teat anyway, so I don't think it is worth the trouble. He will be gone one of these days.

Dogstar Ascendant

This would be the same Trump who said that if he won the Presidency then he'd be too busy to play golf, would it?


What if you replace Trump with Obama and Dems with republicans in you question? I


The problem is that he is paying millions of taxpayer money into his own coffers.


Donnie has golfed more often than any other POTUS in U.S. history!


Drumpf made a big deal about Obama going on vacation. But in his first year in office, he spent more money going on vacation than Obama did in his whole 8 years as President. Look it up if you don't believe me. This is hypocrisy at its finest. He brought that backlash on himself.

Maria b

Trump criticized Obama for playing golf too often, he's a hypocrite


The Democrats have been in a down ward spiral ever since 1929. 89-years later.....they still 'can't get it right'. Therefore, this is typical behavior for a Democrat....they complain no matter what, lie, cheat, steal and are extremely disgusting.




Dems complain about this because it's so ironic. Reps killed obama for how much obama golfed. And now trumps doing it twice as often. Also it's just asinine to spend tax payer money on golf trips. Golf is stupid anyway


“All told, eight years of Obama family travel cost taxpayers $97 million, according to the conservative Judicial Watch. Following his first months in office, it looked as if Trump could cost America $100-200 million more in four years.” And here’s just ONE of many articles you can explore exposing your “fake” statements regarding Trump and how taxpayers are NOT paying for his pleasures....spare us your “alternative facts...ok? Money & & & Career HOME / MONEY & CAREER / Trump's $56 Million in Golf Trips, Cost by Extravagant Cost Eric Schaal | MORE ARTICLES April 23, 2018

Every kiss begins with k

Wrong section




No no no is using taxpayer money for this which is actually illegal and treasonous


Are you sure no tax payer money is spent on his trips to Florida?


-sounds reasonable to me.


Let him


Because both Democrats and Republicans complain about what the other party does. The better question to me is why are you asking,and complaining about golf & secret service protection costs when there are other issues that are far more important issues to worry about. I think we can guess why you post questions like this while having your profile set to private,like a coward.


Trump crazy


Can't understand how or why people praise Trump. He's a complete idiot and definitely not self made


No idea


Asking for politicians to pay for anything themselves is a waste of time but possibly an amusing conversation to watch. TV likes to put things in numbers bc they are corporate (usually). The point, I think, that most people are concerned about is how much time politicians take vacation days...a concern around here anyways. I am not partison - 2 party system just sucks and holds us back. Yah, sort of a separate topic - just saying I think taking too much time off night be a universal prob.


thats trump for ya


Of course if Trump would share his income and tax statements we might have a better insight into exactly what his fiscal responsibilities have been and have a better idea of what HE HIMSELF has actually PAID FOR. I repeat...-he- -himself-. No, he may not have to, but then again, if you have nothing to hide, then don't hide.

Leafsfan29-Embrace the drought!

1) Except that Trump complained dozens of times about his predecessor's golf habits. 2) Because Trump didn't divest himself, he literally pockets money from government expenditures (Secret Service has to rent golf carts- that money goes to Trump because Trump owns the course). 3) In under 2 years in office, Trump has already spent more on personal travel than Obama did in 8 years.


Idk bro. I just want him to chill tf out. Dudes mad ignant sometimes