I tried to appeal a reported comment. The message says, "Sorry, this comment did not come from this account.". Now what?



Forget it, move on. At worse YA will dock you 10 points.


In the past that's always meant your post wasn't actually removed. Check and see. If it is gone, you can appeal through here https://io.help.yahoo.com/contact/index?page=subtopics&locale=en_US


It's a glitch log out then log back in and it should be in your Q and A profile . BTW..There isn't even an option to appeal comments.


Now what? Now realize that this site is not properly staffed and has many, many, many, many flaws. There is nobody minding the store.


Find something else to do.


That is NOT a glitch. You cannot appeal reported comments because you get 0 points for comments.


Don't waste your time. Nobody has taken your money. Trolls have invaded YA.


There isn't even any employee to look at appeals anymore..... Anything can get reported now and it cant be reversed