Did you enjoy Minor Hockey?

Was there anything that you enjoyed or disliked from minor hockey? Would you say minor hockey changed you? Also, was it worth your time? What’s your overall stance about it?


Yes, all things considered I enjoyed it. I have a really enjoyed playing beer league as an adult, so that has redeemed any issues I had playing house league as a kid. It was my parents who drove me to the rink in the early morning and bought the gear. Thus it's been a privilege that I appreciate.

Leafsfan29-Embrace the drought!

For the most part I enjoyed it up until the point that I realised I had reached my peak as a player by playing up a level. At which point, it wasn't fun and I turned to other interests. But looking back, I enjoyed it. I still love playing (though for how much longer is up for debate; I'm in my mid/late 40's and the last few years I've hit a wall of sorts) when I'm not in pain. I'm glad they're working to make the game safer for young kids (hitting should be part of the game at a certain age level but checking is a skill that has to be taught correctly).