Does it count as a hat trick if he scored one of them in a shoot-out?

Hello. I am a teenage hockey fan. One of my favorite players on the Montreal Canadiens, Alex Galchenyuk, is now on the Arizona Coyotes. Tonight, the Coyotes beat the San Jose Sharks 4-3 in a SHOOTOUT. Alex scored 2 goals in a row in regulation, but was unable to achieve 3 in 60 minutes. However, he was the only goal-scorer in the shootout where they won. A question already exists on here about this, but I m assuming he meant when the team scores 2 or more. Does it count if Alex Galchenyuk s goal was the ONLY goal? I d love to see him get a hat trick with the Yotes. Thank you and happy holidays :) Edit for grammar: I meant "Alex Galchenyuk's," not "Alex Galchenyuk s." Edit 2: *I'd


No. Shootout goals do not count in individual or teams goals-scored statistics.

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No. Shootout goals do not count towards individual statistics. The records will show he only had 2 goals in the game.


No and therefore he'll only be credited with 2 goals for that game.


Leafsfan29 is correct.


Not in the NHL so Galchenyuk won't get a hatty. But in IIHF a shootout winner does count towards a players goals but I'm still not sure if they consider it a hat trick in that case