I play Junior A with Sioux Falls in the USHL I have 7G 18A in 34 games how well do you think I will do at Providence College (D1)?


Leafsfan29-Embrace the drought!

Fascinated how you wouldn't have talked to your USHL coach or the recruiter/coaches you've been dealing with at Providence College (especially given the data that they have on this very subject). Especially since nobody playing for Sioux Falls shows to be a commit to Providence College. But, we digress. Walk-ons happen all the time. Rob Vollman produced a model that shows the regression line between professional leagues. As you probably guessed, the NHL comes out on top. While NCAA Division 1 (US college) hockey is below the American Hockey League (AHL), it's also below the USNDP (the team/program that has produced a boatload of NHLers, notably Patrick Kane and Auston Matthews among others). Below those two leagues is the USHL. 25 points in 34 games is at best mediocre (.7352 points per game). Going up a tier this would drop to around .45-.55 points per game with a basic standard deviation. In short, get your education because if you can't calculate point equivalency NOR do a basic internet search, your career options may be a bit lacking.


Too early to tell, Max. How are / were your grades and test scores?