What does it mean when a hockey puck is frictionless?

I've never taken Physics and even in Math only had to take up to College Algebra.


The coefficient of friction is taken to be 0


it means the pucks were not frozen before the game Hope that helps!


It means you are making impossible assumptions to get a less complicated calculation in physics. Say you shoot a normal puck and it goes half the distance of the ice. It eventually stops because of friction and gravity together acting on it (air friction, ice friction) Then you have frictionless - shoot the puck just as hard, and it now goes on forever! (But I guess it will eventually hit the boards)


It means that it doesn't slow down when it slides along the ice (of course there is some friction in the real world but that is often used in hypothetical physics problems - it helps someone imagine the problem).

David B.

In an environment where gravity exists, it does not actually exist.