With the IIHF U20 tournament approaching, I've been wondering about a weird, but possible, case of eligibility?

So players must be born on or after January 1st 1999 to be able to play in the tournament. But what if twin players, where one is born December 31st 1998, say 11:58 p.m., and the other January 1st 1999, say 12:01 a.m., both had a skillset to qualify for any national team, how would the IIHF handle this situation? Would they make an exception and let the twin born in '98 play, because of the twin situation, or would they say he is too old to be eligible for the tournament, only letting the '99 born twin play. I'm curious toward this. What do you think?


The the first twin would be ineligible, the second would be allowed. They've got to draw the line somewhere, and the line is at midnight on January 1.