Are Linear punches more effective than round punches in a street fight?



"The line defeats the circle, and the circle defeats the line." Each situation warrants its own individual response/action.


Generally speaking yes if you know how to punch and also can judge your distance and have the ability to position yourself properly in relation to your opponent. In boxing and other fighting arts you will sometimes here "someone being in the pocket" and that is what they are referring to. Then straight punches are more effective somewhat maybe from the stand-point that they are traveling a short distance and so they take less time to travel to their intended target while also not leaving you so vulnerable to counters from your opponent like what comes more easily when throwing round punches. Many fall into throwing round punches though because they want more leverage and power in their punches and don't possess the ability to throw straight ones with good power and they lack the ability to position themselves in the pocket. Then they just charge and swing for the fences with round or overhand punches while rushing you which will work. In any kind of longer exchange where you have someone who knows how to fight and has the footwork to position themselves then straight punches will eat them up pretty quickly especially if those exchanges are taking place with some distance still between the two people.


Define effective? To me. The linear punch is quicker, straight line shorter distance. All your energy can transfer to that Target. round punches are slower, May sneaky since it can comeout of nowhere and blindslide someone. Lacks the energy since it is not in a straight line. Is it really less effective? Depends. Just have to make contact and knock the other guy out.