How can you incapacitate someone whos on anavar?

i have someone in my life thats temperamental and likes to fight. hes also on anavar and freakishly strong and really solid "like a piece of iron". you cant really grab him and his neck is too big to choke him. Thing is, pain just makes him stronger, due to the steroids, with a surge of adrenaline... its like someone on PCP. If i ever had to, how could I incapacitate this person quickly without weapons so that i could get away from them and avoid being injured so badly i'd need reconstructive surgery? im a female that weighs about 180 pounds. hes shorter than me but can lift me off the ground by my neck with one hand. if it helps he only works upper body, he doesn't do his lower body. the first strike has to work or else i could end up with a crushed eye socket


No one fights well when they can't see, can't breathe, or their nose is broken. Fingers in the eyes, thumb in the throat, elbow to the nose.

Dances with Weed

Id start taking steroids and get as big as him. Then hakuna matata