Im about to compete in my first taekwondo tournament (WTF) in a couple of days?

I know that in my tournament I have to do three rounds of 1 minute with 30 seconds in between. But I was wondering if we get a break in between different opponents. If anyone knows i would rlly appreciate. Also if u have any tips. THANK U


cannot you ask these questions of the master who is supporting you in the tornaments


lol I wont be seeing them until the day of the competition and I rlly want to know now


I am afraid a couple of days is not much time to modify your training for this. In the future when sparring do timed rounds of a minute and a half with a thirty second rest. That will help increase your endurance and stamina. Every three rounds swap out and spar another person without much rest in between. That will help get you ready for learning how to mentally and emotionally get up for facing other fighters in a tournament elimination type format. In the beginning. if you are in a large division then there will be more time between matches for you. However as you advance then that time will be shorter and at the end you will only have a few minutes between matches usually.


Do it