Martial arts: What are the secrets behind the success of the ATA and Gracie's to be able to open and maintain many locations and be very?



Simple. Lower the standards. Make it 'easier' for everyone can do. The US is very low on the fitness and the knowledge level of things in respects to martial arts. So make it easier for Americans to learn. Why does it take less than 2 years to earn blackblet in TKD in Korea and more than 3 years in USA? Hapkido same thing. It takes 3 to 5 years in US to earn blackbelt and less than 2 years in Korea. And those are reputable and quality schools in the US. ATA is really a McDojang. Gracie is headed that way. Churning out blackbelts left and right.


Good business acumen and long hours.


Martial arts are for nerdy chumps who like it in the butt.