Why do we spend billions on foreign aid but dems refuse to protect our border w/ wall?



Cut all foreign aid, reduce military spending and cut entitlements especially for corporations and Bam we'd get out of this debt within a decade lol


How would the wall protect our border? It's a speed bump at best, unless you think migrants haven't invented things like ladders or ropes. If you want to use $70 billion dollars productively then how about Republicans support more shelter and rehabilitation programs for America's homeless?


Okay, imagine we wanted to spend billions on foreign aid but instead of sending food and medicine Trump wanted to send copies of "Art of the Deal". That's kind of what's happening with border security. Everyone agrees that border security should be a thing but Trump wants to do something quite pointless.

Chris Ancor

Because the marathon runners would have difficulty climbing it.

Indigo Shojo

How would you protect your outdated wall from being tunneled under? Multiple tunnels have been found within the last month alone.


You're right, we should immediately stop giving aid to Israel so it can murder Arabs and steal their property


Why are people like you so gullible and believe conservative propaganda? We already have over 700 miles of border wall. In addition we have a couple hundred miles of fencing. Most of the remaining border is in desolate remote areas and much of that is incredibly difficult or impossible to build on. For example, the cliffs and chasms of Big Bend National park. Also, by a 1959 treaty, we're not supposed to build large structures along the Rio Grande because they can make floods much more devastating. Democrats are willing to put plenty of money into other border improvements, most notably high tech at border checkpoints where most of the drugs and people came in.


Okay let's have a think for a moment, just how many million(s) more refugees, would show up on the border and come in via other avenues, if you started to cut aid to their already screwed up nations. Think about it...

Leafsfan29-Embrace the drought!

Because a wall serves no practical purpose. Your largest issue with illegal immigration is people who overstay on a visa. I'm curious as to why American conservatives would support this, because to build the wall, it means that the government will have to confiscate land owned by private citizens. So this means that you'd be fine with the government taking away your land from you with zero recourse. Every conservative publication has long opposed Imminent Domain laws, but yet, the Trump folks think it's okay. Your lot were livid at how the debt went up in 8 years of Obama, and yet Trump has added nearly 3 trillion in 2 years so that a few hundred billionaires got a massive tax cut that will likely cripple your economy for the next decade. BTW, YOU didn't get a tax cut. The billionaires did. YOU got zip.


because Trump wants it. He is corrupt, a pathological liar, a criminal, abuser of power, obstructer of justice, an intimidator of witnesses, he violates the emoluments clause, he cheats to win his election, he is a traitor....he has no morals and no scruples and is a certifiable psychopath, .and that is only for starters. So, there is nothing Trump can say to do in my opinion that is the right thing to do. So, to me its not whether the wall is right or wrong or best or not, its that Trump wants it...and given who he is, its probably for a very corrupt nefarious unamerican reason that he wants it so desperately, even if its just so that he can remain popular with his base of morons. If the wall makes him popular with brain dead FOX watching moron supporters, then that is reason enough to block it.


They hate American people. There is no other answer.