Back walkover/bridge kick-over HELP!!!!?

So I’ve just started cheerleading (i’d done 3 year of gymnastics before this) and I have a cheer competition in less than 6 weeks. Basically, I can do a back bend, but I can not seem to kick over - as I have hear that being able to do a bridge kick over helps to do the walkover - I’ve tried to get my coaches to help and I’m fine WHEN THEY ATE SPOTTING ME and I’ve tried to get my friends and parents and that to help but they don’t understand (I only go to cheer 4 hours a week and it’s not a like one on one lesson. Can someone please help pleaseeeee??? P.s. I think I am scared to do it. Also I have a mat and I’m getting an air track soon I think so maybe that will help but still can someone PLEASE help!!!!???? -love, Cheer Girl xx


I'd say it's a necessary progression for back walk-over. Neither bridge-kickover nor back-walkover have any technical relevance to back-handspring though. They only increase your level of comfort in going backwards & aren't prerequisite skills for back-handspring. I would start with bridge-kickover before back-bend kick-over, even if you can do a back-bend. That makes it easier to work on good form in bridge which is critical. You need to be fully open through the shoulders and hips with your weight pushed back over your hands. Bridge with feet on a raised surface, bridge rocks, and bridge with hands by wall pushing shoulders to wall can help. Building shoulder strength with row &/or fly type exercises may be necessary. Don't work on kicking over until the bridge form is good. Learn to pirouette out of handstand so you have a get out if you kick up too far to drop back to bridge but not far enough to kick over. Then kick over from a feet raised bridge or step your foot up a wall.