Can I train to become a basketball/baseball athlete at age 18?

Hey guys! So one of the things that I love the most is sports, an my two favorites are baseball an basketball. Since age 13 I have practice an exercise to play both of them but I haven’t done it in a very serious way. Baseball is the sport that I love the most, but the problem is I haven’t play it in a competitive way , i did but just for one year at age 14. And there’s basketball, a sport that I hace practice since I was 8 years old. But I haven’t play it in a competitive league since never. So my questions are : Is it to late to try an become a professional athlete at this age , without getting the experience at a young age? What sport should I focus more if I want it to make it serious? What do you guys recommend me to do if I want to start? I hope you guys can help me, thanks.


I don't see why not. Don't listen to John he is a hater


If you don't play them in high school or college, you have virtually no chance of becoming a professional.