Embarrassed myself at tryouts, I did so so so bad because I literally missed every hit, I feel so sad and miserable?

So today I went to tryouts with barely any experience. I did so so bad, I'm not even exaggerating. Everyone kept asking me if this was my first time playing ever because of how bad I did lol. I was really confident and thought that I could just wing the tryouts but I was wrong. I feel really sad and idk what to


Just what kind of sport are we talking about here. son?


You just psyched yourself out. Could happen to anyone. For sports, it's more important what you do next. Do you use that as fuel to do better, or do you let it keep you on the sidelines. Being great is a small percent skill, greater percent grit. It's not that big players never failed, it's that they didn't let setbacks stop them.


If you're done putting on your girl appeal let's return reader to those who can build you better if asked. I assumed asking for assistance is not your forte. Put it in writing then and hand deliver what you personally would like to train for. The training staff are not psychic.


If you have barely any experience, it is close to no experience in the eyes of those who have been playing for years. You shouldn't be embarrassed, everyone is bad when learning something new. Focus on getting better and don't compare yourself to others. I was a very good wrestler, I practiced a lot. I also practiced piano but never got good at it. I am even worse at singing. I started playing golf when I was 10, most of my friends I played with are VERY good, I still lose to people who are just learning to play. I don't think about it, I just try to be better today than the last time I played. Have fun, don't worry about being great.