How to get higher cheer jumps?

I can do the Cheer jumps but not that high. How do I get more height. Without being on a trampoline


Are you looking to increase the actual jump height or is it that you're looking to get your legs higher in your shapes (i.e. to increase amplitude)? If the former practise jumping on a soft, squashy surface, like a crash mat or sofa cushions. You will have to work much harder which will improve your strength and ability to quickly develop power, so that you can jump higher. Alongside this you should get a wobble board and do the suggested exercises (rocks back-and-forth and side-to-side and circles in each direction) to strengthen and ptotect your ankles and knees because higher jumps means more force on landing. If you are looking to improve amplitude then firstly ensure good technique, i.e. jump up then use your muscles around the hips to pull your legs up. Secondly you can work on strengthening that action practising jumps with a resistance band tied between your ankles. Appropriate kicks, or straddles, in a lying or all fours position against a resistance band can also help