If I made cheer in middle school two years in a row, will i make cheer in high school?



maybe. the probability is high but there is a chance you won't. just keep practicing/do whatever you need to get better(lol sorry i don't know much about cheerleading lol). but i will say this, if you really like it try your best at it and see what u can to make sure you make it and don't take it for granted. i loved playing tennis when i was younger. like i started playing late/wasnt too atheltic. i didn't make my team jv freshman or sophomore year. i felt it would have been too much work trying to make varsity then. instead of pushing myself and giving it all i stopped playing. looking back i realized i maybe could have made it if i played more and to this day i regret it because i was never on the team. so do what you can now to make sure you make it.


Probably, it's just harder to get it/




Let me look into my crystal ball... Hold on a moment.