What Fall/Spring Sports/Rec. Leagues/Teams can I play next year, as a Senior?

I'm a dual athlete when it comes to winter sports, well kind of. I'm a competitive swimmer and a professional skier, but due to swimming, I ski less often. Lately, I've been getting bored and I've been very bored during fall and spring seasons (predominantly fall). I've been looking at football, but my parents are afraid of injuries. I was also looking at motocross, but that's dangerous too. What other sports can I do? I'm great at ice skating and roller skating if that gives any ideas... Thanks


How old are you, if you are 12+ weight training is great and will help you with skiing and swimming and reduce the likelihood of injuries. Running/cross country can be fun a relaxing. Golf/tennis are lifetime sports. Injuries in football are exaggerated but they do happen. A concussion or two could end your competitive skiing. Lastly, you don't have to be great at something to do it. If it is fun, you will become "good enough".