Can an 18 year old bring his 9mm carbine to a shooting range if it uses pistol ammo in Texas?

It's legally a rifle but it fires 9mm pistol ammo. Will I get in trouble for bringing it to the range? I'm pretty sure I won't but i just want to make sure. I live in Texas. Thank you


Call the range. It is their policy that counts.


If you are 18 and it is a long gun it is legal in Texas. Don't shoot up whatever is holding the target. Just shoot the target.


The very 1st thing you should have done is call the range you want to shoot in. Only they know what their policy is, no one here does!


Call the range. We can shoot .22LR pistols all day on one of our club's ranges, but a .22LR long gun is forbidden. Every range has its own rules. Got a telephone? Use it.


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