Could you use a 22LR AR15 for home defense?

.22 instead of 5.56


Yes, I could. I won't. Ever. But I could.

Donut Tim

Yes. A person could use almost anything including a can of beans. But a .22lr is not a good choice.


In realty you can use anything you desire for home defense. Gun, knife, slingshot, pointed stick but consider the results of what you use.


If it's all you've got then ya use it but a 5.56 is going to be better in pretty much every way. I'd rather have a cheap 100$ 12 guage over a .22 AR tbh so money shouldn't really be a reason to choose that either.


Sure you can use it, but will that cartridge be effective? I don't think so.


22 is a small game and training round. It was never expected to be a man stopper. You run the risk of firing 30 rounds and still having an attacker standing in your doorway, laughing at you, and pointing a REAL gun at you and your family. Anyone can buy a bullet proof vest that stops 22 on Ebay.


Yes, and if some ignorant worthless liberal breaks into my house, he and/or she will be immediately terminated and begin their eternal damnation.


Sure, it wont stop the intruder but it will kill him.


YES! But I would use something of a larger caliber if I was trying to defend it from something other than a rabbit or squirrel.


reality 22lr can kill. crackin off rounds @ anybody will get their attention.


better than no gun


COULD you? Yes. SHOULD you? No, if you have a larger option. I consider the Saturday Special Lorcin .25 acp the 2nd worse pistol to own (Rohm 10 .22 revolver first worst) for self defense, however, it is better than no defense, and I don`t think anyone would volunteer to take a bullet from one. They hurt and can kill. All the Saturday Nighter`s are just what words, disposable, and much less than frequent use to deter a person that threatens bodily harm. .22lr is very high on the list of deaths by firearms so no one should underestimate them. 9mm or .38Spl. is minimum recommended for SD IMHO.

Bear Crap

Andrew; the .22 has been used in combat, the israelites have SPEC OPS FORCES that use a battle ready .22 rifle to take out guard dogs and guards in building, camps and bases so the rest of the men can get in quickly without alarming their opponents. Instead of center mass shots they make head shots and it works great. Also some home owners have used .22 guns but unless they make a good head shot the bad guy can still shoot you before they die. So IF your an expert marksman you could use it for that. But if you are not you might get killed. Shots to the face, neck have to be perfect to drop him. Body shots like arms. legs, hands will not kill him less he bleeds out before he gets fixed up. Center mass shots will kill him eventually if he has no body armour on, but even if you shot him 6 times in the chest and none hit the heart he could kill you way before he dies. A teen boy shot a home intruder with his ,22 rifle several times and the man ran out of the house to his car and fell dead as he tried to get in. This is why people say the .22 is not a gun for self defence Unless as I said you are trained with it and have become an expert rifle man like those commandos are. Get a shotgun, pump or auto then practice with it with some one to train you. Then your prepared for this scenario. Keep the .22 for back up.


A .22 is a deadly round. But slow. As the bullet moves once in the body. May take 20 years to kill. Best gun in truth is a shot gun for close work. A slug with a flat nose has impact. Stun power. Pellets spread. So you can miss a little & still stop them. On the boat. We keep a short barrel 4:10 shot gun. With a soft lead flat nose slug. That is our shark gun if needed. 1 shot. They go into shock. A .22 does not have that impact.


No. Weapons are the worst method for self defense. A security system is the best thing for home defense. It will notify the appropriate people in case of an emergency.