Is it legal to hunt pheasants on your own private property UK?

Is it legal to hunt pheasants with my dog on my own fields? Everyday I see 70-80 pheasant all over my fields my dog has killed a few I want to hunt some and take it to the butchers and have it butchered for me only if it’s legal of course

Higgy Baby

Take a pheasant to the butcher? Yeah, right.


Honestly, when I first saw this question I misread it and thought you said "peasants" (that was much more amusing). Even here in Canada we need a licence to do that so I am assuming that that is the case in the UK too. I've got grouse and rabbits and all kinds of critters on my property but I'm not allowed to just kill them unless I do the proper paperwork and jump through the right hoops.


yes you can but kill them legally. Ideally shoot them with a shotgun but remember pheasant season has ust finished so you will have to wait untl October


A butcher will happily sell you a pheasant. But would never waste his or her time on dressing them for you unless you paid him or her about four to five times the retail value. As one if killed by a dog ( sound of laughter) it would be torn to shreds. And as what you propose is illegal. And your dog, if this tale is true which I doubt could be inpounded and possibly destroyed as a tool of crime as Hunting with dogs, is illegal in the UK even on your imaginary fields.


Its your property, you can do what you want, thats how i do it.


Simply put, no it's not legal.


No I believe it is illegal. In fact I know it is illegal. I am writing this from my local jail because I shot a pheasant on my property and I was arrested and serving 90 days. All you TD people are causing honest law abiding people to get in trouble. SHAME.


The new hunting rules have been announced. This is going to be great. These rules are very well needed for safety Groundhog hunting will be banned on March 15. Bird hunting will be banned on April 3. Small animal hunting will be banned on May 1. There will be more bans in May, and throughout the summer months, such as fox, bear, deer, etc. All hunting should be banned by October.