Is it possible to paint an AR15 all black, like a semi gloss color?



Guns are " blued " because the patina is in the metal rather than on the outside . Paint is subject to scratching and peeling off a hot barrel that bluing is not . Myself , I have opted for stainless steel for most of my firearms .




Absolutely. I've seen all-pink firearms. Some people don't want to not be seen.


Yes . No problem.


You'd be better off with Cerakote.

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science to the rescue


Sure. You can paint them whatever color you want. The normal protective coatings are usually a semi-gloss black color anyway though. (Just mask off the rifle to ensure no paint gets into the barrel, or trigger-group, etc, so you don't foul the mechanisms.)


Yes. The steel parts are a phosphate coating while the aluminum parts are anodized. They are pretty permanent. You can use Krylon or Rustoleum to paint it what ever color you want. You could get it cerecoated for about 20 times as much, but cerecoat does not perform any better than regular paint, just costs more and has to be baked.