Regarding the Ruger 3476 SR40C 15+1 40 S&W. Can you tell me if this is a smith and wesson or a ruger or a combination? I am confused?



The gun is made by Ruger, the caliber is called 40 S&W. about a hundred companies make 1911's now days, most are chambered in 45 ACP, ACP literally means Automatic Colt Pistol. It's simply the name of the caliber, not who makes it. It is however who developed it.

Higgy Baby

Not familiar with that gun- BUT 40 s&w is a caliber- not a gun. There are many different brand of firearms that shoot 40 s&w. I have a Glock, a Springfield, and a Smith & Wesson that shoot 40 s&w.


The Ruger shoots .40 S&W ammo.


Surely not a gun combo...that would be a rare item. The Ruger 3476 is the pistol and the ammo is the S&W.


Ruger is a very dangerous item


It uses Smith and Wesson ammunition.